Whether you want to share your own life story or the story of a special family member BioTrib has made it simple.

Start writing, add some pictures, some music or even some videos and you are on your way to creating a lasting life story.

100% Stress free. Don’t worry you won't need a degree in computer science and you don't have to do it all in one go. Once you have started, you can come back to it anytime and add more, a bit like a diary.

You can choose to publish your story whenever you want, even in the future. Maybe you'd like to save it until your grandchildren get to a certain age, or commemorate a special birthday or anniversary.

We can even turn your stories into a beautiful hard backed book.

We are sure you won’t, but if you are having difficulty at any time you will have the full support of the BioTrib team. Once you have started
we will give you access to our helpline and email support. We can even help you upload your material. Please see Exclusive service page

Your memories and stories are very special and they deserve to be kept safe for generations to come. However we realise that sometimes
it’s hard to know how to begin. Feel free to Contact us for advice or to arrange for one of our polite, friendly team to talk through your

Pass on special Recipes

Build a family cookbook with photos of special times

Your Travel Tales

List your favourite places, holidays, restaurants, etc.

...and so much more

You choose what favourites to add. Your favourite anecdotes, your Desert Island Discs and maybe your luxury item, your favourite books or poems, things to do, presents.....

BioTrib - we bring your story to life

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  • Your stories and memories kept forever,
  • Easy to Use,
  • Select when to publish,
  • Private or public - you choose,
  • Beautiful books of your stories,
  • Help and Support